Ludwig Wittgenstein’s great great grandfather Meyer Moses, originally from the village of Laasphe, in county Wittgenstein, Westphalia, Germany, (and rumoured by the later members of the family to have been a fish-merchant) has a son Moses Meier (alternative spellings: Maier, Meyer), born in Korbach, a Hanseatic town in the principality of Waldeck, Hesse, Germany (McGuinness, p.1).

Moses Meier, LW’s great grandfather, becomes a steward, factor or land-agent to the Prince of Seyn-Wittgenstein (or Sayn-Wittgenstein), in county Wittgenstein (Wiener Ausgabe, p.11; Monk, p.4; Kanterian, p.12; Waugh, p.225). He marries Brendel Simon (or Breindel Brendel, or Bernadine Simon), and builds up a large trading business in the area of Korbach (Wiener Ausgabe, p.11; Kanterian, p.12; Waugh, p.225; plus Cambridge Archive).