Karl is elected to the management board of the Teplitz steel-rolling mills (McGuinness, p.13), soon becoming its main shareholder.

A first son, Hans, is born to Poldy and Karl in Vienna (Waugh family tree).


Hans, aged 9 and a musical prodigy, played violin in St. Peter’s Church, Vienna (McGuinness, p.26).

(Also in 1896: Publication of Ernst Mach’s Populär-wissenschaftliche Vorlesungen [Popular Scientific Lectures], and his Die Principien der Wärmelehre [Principles of the Theory of Heat]).


Hans, aged 25, runs away from home and flees abroad (Waugh, p.28).


April or May:  Hans, disappears from a boat, aged 26 (stories vary as to where this happened: Chesapeake Bay, Massachusetts seems to be the favourite).

Suicide is presumed (McGuinness, p.26, Monk, p.12; Wiener Ausgabe, p.14; Kanterian, p.16; Waugh, p.28).