14th February: Karl Ludwig Wittgenstein marries Leopoldine Kalmus in St. Stephen’s Cathedral Vienna (Waugh, p.17). They move to Eichwald, near Teplitz, but Karl’s job in Teplitz does not last long, and he resigns in protest at the chairman’s treatment of Paul Kupelweiser, the managing director (McGuinness, p.13; Waugh, p.18). For a year Karl is unemployed (Waugh, p.18).

1st December: A first daughter, Hermine (‘Mining’), is born to Poldy and Karl in Teplitz (Waugh family tree).


Karl takes a job as an engineer with a company in Vienna (Waugh, p.18).


Karl is reinstated at the Teplitz rolling mill, the chairman having resigned (Waugh, p.18), and succeeds Kupelweiser as its managing director (McGuinness, p.13). He turns its finances around by securing an order for railway rails from the Russians, who are at war with Turkey (McGuinness, p.13; Waugh, p.18).